Jon Kol and Asa Oines (Abacus) on the Third Era of Interoperability (EP.319)

Jon Kol and Asa Oines, cofounders of Abacus join the show to talk about the state of the art in cross chain interoperability. In this episode:

  • Career trajectories and why Jon and Asa decided to start Abacus
  • The three eras of interoperability
  • Asset interoperability vs app based interoperability
  • Why asset interoperability might just be a transitional phase
  • Why asset interoperability is more about the creation of derivatives than true portability
  • Application parallelization or duplication versus native cross chain applications
  • Why duplicating applications across chain is inefficient
  • The advantages of building natively cross chain for developers
  • How blockchains can be made to communicate with each other
  • Key assumptions you need to rely on to trust that Abacus will work
  • How Abacus is distinguished from other interoperability protocols
  • Why speed matters in cross chain
  • How Abacus differs from Layer0 and Axelar
  • Which blockchains Abacus is linking together

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