Ruben Galindo (Airtm) on distributing USD to Venezuelan healthcare workers

Ruben Galindo, cofounder and CEO of Airtm, joins the show. Recently, Airtm has been in the news as it was reported that Juan Guaidó, Venezuela’s would-be President, was using the app to coordinate the disbursement of funds seized from the Maduro regime to healthcare workers in Venezuela. In this episode:

  • Why Ruben cofounded Airtm
  • How Airtm creates local liquidity for dollars against any local currency
  • How Airtm manages their reserve
  • How Bitcoin and Ethereum intersect with AirUSD
  • How Airtm creates local liquidity on their platform
  • The size of Airtm’s userbase globally and in Venezuela
  • Why international freelancers gravitate towards AirTM
  • The genesis of Airdrop Venezuela
  • How Airtm linked up with Venezuelan president Juan Guaido to distribute payments to Venezuelans
  • The genesis of the plan to distribute seized funds to Venezuelan healthcare workers
  • How Airtm is planning to route around Maduro’s attempts at censorship
  • How Airtm manages the physical risks of running a grey market business in Venezuela

Read more about Airtm here.