Alex Treece (Zabo) – Cryptoasset Value Accrual

Alex Treece, the cofounder of Zabo, joins the show. We discuss his motivations for founding Zabo and revisit his body of work evaluating crypto’s qualities as an asset class.

  • How a background in private equity equipped him to think about crypto as a asset class
  • Why Alex founded his startup, Zabo
  • Why there are so few successful examples of utility tokens, even after thousands of attempts
  • How tokens sit in the asset class taxonomy
  • Why token value accretion is reliant on an informal contract with the issuer
  • Distinctions between tokens that represent real world securities and natively accretive cash flow tokens which resemble securities
  • Why he’s thinks that blockbuster token sales are a thing of the past
  • Revisiting his old prediction that Bitcoin would outperform in a recession

About Zabo: Zabo is a startup founded in September 2019 to tackle one of the most critical, missing pieces of infrastructure in the crypto industry: an API for connecting to the fragmented and evolving landscape of cryptocurrency accounts, wallets and protocols. Zabo recently announced the close of a $2.5m round of financing.

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