Alexandra DaCosta and David Yi (Aspen Creek) on a New Model for Renewable Mining (EP.356)

Alexandra DaCosta (CEO) and David Yi (Chief Commercial Officer) join the show to talk about Aspen Creek Digital Corp.’s fundraise and their model for additive renewable mining. In this episode:

  • What was it like raising for a mining firm in this environment
  • David and Alexandra’s backgrounds and how the came to cofound ACDC
  • Why ACDC is pursuing a ‘power first’ model and what that means
  • ACDC’s wind, solar, and battery approach to energy
  • Why ACDC focuses on additional, new renewable generation
  • How mining behind the meter with renewable sources actually works
  • Why intermittency of wind and solar is not a dealbreaker for Bitcoin miners
  • The merits of going behind the meter for a Bitcoin miner
  • The importance of the Inflation Reduction Act for renewables
  • Industries are becoming more location agnostic overall
  • Are Bitcoin miners doing a sufficiently good job of disclosures around their energy mix?
  • What is the feasibility of batteries at grid scale?
  • Are Bitcoin miners interfering with the market signal indicating where transmission should be built?
  • How Aspen Creek pairs demand response with renewable incentivization
  • How Aspen Creek affects power prices paid by households

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Intro and outro music: Daniel Allan’s Collage #344