Martin Carrica (Mountain) and Philippe Bekhazi (XBTO) on Digital Assets in Bermuda (EP.533)

We sit down in Bermuda with Mountain Protocol founder Martin Carrica and XBTO founder Philippe Bekhazi for a talk on stablecoins and doing business on the island. In this episode:

  • Why XBTO is Bermuda-first and why Mountain set up there
  • The “Bermuda triangle” for doing business on the island
  • The overlap between Bermuda’s reinsurance industry and crypto
  • The partnership between Mountain and XBTO
  • The rise of interest-bearing stablecoins
  • USD stables as extending the reach of the dollar
  • The relationship between crypto and big 4 auditors
  • The coming race between interest and non-interest bearing stablecoins
  • Blackrock’s BUIDL product and tokenized treasurys