Bruce Fenton (Chainstone Labs) on the paradox of governance tokens

Bruce Fenton, founder of the Satoshi Roundtable and Chainstone Labs, joins the show to talk security tokens and tokens-which-are-securities. In this episode:

  • About Bruce’s company Chainstone labs
  • How the Bitcoin Roundtable is intertwined with Bitcoin history and the blocksize debate
  • Coinbase’s ongoing rapprochement with Bitcoiners
  • Why longevity is so difficult in the crypto industry
  • Are we living in the most historically aggressive period in terms of regulatory oversight into the industry?
  • What Bruce makes of Heath Tarbert’s comments on Ethereum
  • Continuing uncertainty about the status of Ripple’s XRP – and what possible outcomes look like
  • The prospects for token S1s and a genuine standard of disclosure for new issuances
  • Why trying to avoid securities laws causes token issuers to create subpar instruments
  • How much control do governance tokens really give tokenholders?
  • Why Bitcoin isn’t sufficient to resist the state alone – and what tools are part of that toolkit
  • Why the US should consider disrupting itself with regards to managing the world’s financial system
  • Why some people like security tokens for the wrong reasons
  • The logistical advantages of tokenizing a security
  • How security tokens could open up mid-size businesses which don’t have access to capital markets