Nick Neuman (Casa) on resilient self-custody with multisig

Nick Neuman, the CEO of multisig software provider Casa, joins the show to discuss how to harden your Bitcoin custody setup. In this episode:

  • Nick’s own journey to Bitcoin and to becoming CEO of Casa
  • Casa’s design philosophy
  • The merits of native multisig on Bitcoin
  • Casa’s decision to stay Bitcoin-only
  • Nick’s experience raising capital as a Bitcoin-only startup
  • Is it easier to be a Bitcoin-only startup today?
  • How complicated is multisig?
  • Why Casa recommends the usage of multiple brands of hardware wallets
  • Why self-custody matters
  • Nick’s vision for the future and how private keys will power the decentralized web
  • Nick’s responses to common criticisms of Casa
  • The purpose of Casa’s new subaccounts feature

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