Kim Grauer (Chainalysis) on the Geography of Crypto Adoption (EP. 481)

Kim Grauer, director of research at Chainalysis, joins the show to talk about their 2023 Geography of Crypto Adoption report. In this episode:

  • The difficulty of ascertaining reliable illicit finance data for crypto
  • Why Chainalysis started publishing the Geography of Crypto report
  • Why emerging markets dominate in terms of crypto adoption
  • How Chainalysis devised their methodology
  • What the variables in their index mean
  • Potential sources of error or noise in the data
  • How Chainalysis overlays internet traffic data with blockchain data to determine usage on a country by country basis
  • Top countries on the index and changes from prior years
  • Evidence for cryptodollarization
  • What variables correlate with crypto adoption globally
  • Countries with positive year/year growth in crypto adoption

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