Tim Rice and Ben Celermajer (Coin Metrics) on a new measure of cryptoasset supply

Tim Rice, Coin Metrics CEO, and Ben Celermajer, index manager at Coin Metrics join the show to discuss a new supply measure for cryptoassets which takes into account their “free float.” This is designed to take into account coins which are immobilized or illiquid, and brings a systematic approach to the issue inherited from traditional capital markets. In this episode:

  • Why Coin Metrics developed a “free float” measure of supply and why it’s informative to investors
  • How CM borrowed from index weighting strategies in equity markets to devise a free methodology for cryptoassets
  • Why the highly auditable nature of cryptocurrencies allows for extremely informative assessments of supply
  • The lack of standards in how supply is assessed among existing data providers
  • Which assets saw the greatest reduction in supply due to the free float adjustment
  • How market capitalization in equities in indexes went through a historical transition from total supply to float-adjusted supply

For more on free float supply, see CM’s introductory research piece on the topic.

Find the latest Free Float figures for major cryptoassets on the Coin Metrics community data portal.

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