Brandon Mulvihill (Crossover Markets) on Digital Asset ECNs (EP.468)

Brandon Mulvihill, the co-founder and CEO of Crossover Markets joins the show. In this episode we discuss:

  • Brandon’s career in the FX industry and the path to founding Crossover Markets
  • ECNs and how this market structure came to evolve in the FX market
  • The opportunity to bring ECNs to the digital asset market
  • The CrossX platform and how this product is impacting the digital asset trading landscape
  • Crossover’s partnership with Hidden Road in launching Route 28
  • The evolution of the digital asset market structure and how non-custodial trading is evolving
  • The regulatory landscape and the jurisdictional decisions that went into establishing Crossover Markets

To learn more about Crossover Markets visit their website and follow the company on X.