Dan Matuszewski (CMS Holdings) – What explains the growth of Tether?

Dan Matuszewski, Principal and Co-Founder of CMS Holdings joins the show once again. Since he last appeared, the market has been through some gut-wrenching turmoil, and Tether (one of the subjects of the first episode) has tacked on a casual $5B in market cap. We wanted to get to the bottom of the new Tether issuance so we invited Dan back on. Dan, alongside his colleagues at CMS, has also joined the Crypto Twitter fray.

In this episode:

  • Why Dan relented and started a twitter account
  • The story behind CMS holdings’ website
  • Dan’s theory behind the inverse relationship between fund and website quality
  • Dan’s explanation for the massive growth of Tether since March
  • Whether there is non-crypto business occurring in Tether
  • What factors are embodied in the Tether interest rate
  • What we can expect for the Tether-denominated futures markets if it trades below par
  • How Dan thinks about using Tether on Omni versus Ethereum versus Tron
  • What explains the growth of Tron Tether
  • Underappreciated issues with predicting fees in Bitcoin from a service provider perspective
  • Why FTX grabbed so much market share
  • What Dan makes of the rise in CME open interest
  • Dan’s view of what the GBTC AUM growth means

Follow Dan and the team at CMS on Twitter.

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