David Vorick (Nebulous) – Building Decentralized Cloud Storage

David Vorick, the founder of Nebulous and the blockchain Sia, joins the show to discuss Sia and its latest layer 2, Skynet. We also cover David’s experience as an ASIC manufacturer, and what he learned about blockchain security models and the merits of ASICs versus GPUs. In this episode:

  • How Sia is different from other decentralized storage platforms
  • The purpose of Siacoin and Siafunds, and the virtue of the dual-token model
  • David’s case for the permissibility of alternative blockchains
  • Different models for financing protocol development
  • The story behind Nebulous’ settlement with the SEC
  • The arbitrariness of the SEC’s patchy approach to enforcement
  • How Sia actually works
  • Where the inspiration for Sia came from
  • How Skynet represents the completion of the original vision for Sia
  • David’s experience manufacturing ASICs for Sia and Decred – and his clash with Bitmain
  • Why ASIC resistance might be an undesirable goal
  • David’s proposal to launch new blockchains with ‘protectionist’ mining in place
  • Why ASICs might align incentives with blockchain users better than GPUs
  • How PoW algorithms affect property rights in these systems