David Vorick (Nebulous) on the Maturation of Decentralized Cloud Storage

David Vorick, the cofounder and CEO of Nebulous, the firm developing the Sia network, joins the show once again to talk about the growth of decentralized cloud storage.

In this episode:

  • Skynet reaches its 1 year anniversary
  • Dweb versus Web3
  • Current capacity and utilization of the Sia network
  • Where Sia stacks up in terms of the decentralized storage networks by usage
  • How the internet ended up massively siloed
  • Why data portability and thin internet applications are so important
  • Current breakout applications of decentralized storage
  • New models for authentication for web apps
  • How the dweb could return the internet to its 90s-era topology
  • The current state of property rights on the internet
  • The intersection between Handshake and Sia

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