Luuk Strijers (Deribit) on a New Model for Proof of Reserves (EP.387)

Deribit Chief Commercial Officer Luuk Strijers joins the show to talk about their new Proof of Reserve rollout. In this episode:

  • Why Deribit decided to do a PoR
  • What were the considerations going into it? What made Deribit cautious about the procedure?
  • Which PoRs did Deribit look at for inspiration?
  • Has Deribit received client feedback from the procedure so far?
  • How does Deribit demonstrate asset ownership?
  • Unique among exchanges, Deribit was able to do a PoR for all of your assets, and on a daily basis. How did they manage this?
  • Why Deribit chose to release the full list of liabilities
  • How does Deribit achieve end user privacy given the full liability dump?
  • What data, if any, is leaked by the attestation?
  • Did you look at audit firms in terms of supervising the PoR? Why did you go the auditless approach?
  • Does Luuk anticipate moving to ZK proofs for liabilities eventually?
  • How can PoR be improved?

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