Rep. Tom Emmer (R-MN) on Crypto’s Legislative Wins (EP.529)

Minnesota Representative and House Whip Tom Emmer joins the show once again to talk about the policy sea change in Washington and recent legislative successes. In this episode:

  • The House passes Emmer’s anti-CBDC bill
  • Trump’s embrace of crypto and what that means
  • Why some Democrats and the White House have changed their tone on crypto
  • Congress votes to repeal SAB121 in defiance of Biden’s veto threat
  • Is the influence of the progressives in DC waning with regards to crypto?
  • Will Biden follow through on his SAB121 overturn veto threat?
  • FDIC chair Marty Gruenberg’s planned resignation and what that means
  • Whip Emmer’s thoughts on stablecoin legislation
  • The SEC’s reversal on the Ethereum ETF
  • The importance of the FIT21 act and its prospects in the Senate
  • Whip Emmer’s legislative expectations over the remainder of 2024

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