Robert Miller (Flashbots) on Decentralizing Block Building with SUAVE (EP.378)

In this episode, Ria is joined by Robert Miller, Steward at Flashbots, which is a research and development organization with the aim to reduce the negative externalities and risks posed by MEV, or maximal extractable value.

We cover:

  • The MEV supply chain and how it’s evolved as Ethereum transitioned from Proof of Work to Proof of Stake
  • The new challenges and risk vectors that have emerged as a result of the transition, notably around decentralization and censorship resistance
  • The tools Flashbots has proposed and implemented in response, such as Flashbots Auction, MEV Geth, MEV Boost, and the open sourcing of these tools to foster a competitive market
  • The risk posed by exclusive order flow and cross domain MEV in centralizing block building
  • The latest endeavor of the organization to decentralize block building using a new network – SUAVE (the single unifying auction for value expression)

Research mentioned: