Josh Schwartz and Dima Kogan (FORDEFI) on Building Institutional Custody for DeFi (EP.369)

Josh Schwartz and Dima Kogan, co-founders of Fordefi, join the show. In this episode we discuss:

  • MPC custody: what it is, its academic roots and how MPC works.
  • The tradeoffs and considerations that have led to the growth in popularity of MPC custody.
  • Josh and Dima’s backgrounds and the path that led them to founding Fordefi.
  • The institutional custody landscape and some of the challenges that firms face when engaging with DeFi protcols.
  • How Josh and Dima think about the security risks associated with smart contract platforms.
  • The types of customers that Fordefi is currently serving.
  • Their fundraise announcement and what is next.

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