Galen Wolfe-Pauly (Tlon) on Urbit and the Architecture of the Internet

Galen Wolfe-Pauly, cofounder of Tlon, joins the show to give us an update on Urbit in light of the politicization of internet infrastructure. In this episode:

  • The purpose of Urbit
  • How the power of internet oligopolies has been recently revealed in the last few months
  • Does the internet of today resemble the internet of 1994?
  • The problem with having a single ToS/legal system for major internet platforms
  • What’s new with Urbit since our last Urbit episode in 2019
  • How hosting makes Urbit much more user friendly
  • Urbit’s governance system and how it contrasts from the feudal model on Twitter
  • Galen’s political taxonomy for Urbit – and where galaxies and stars fit in to this
  • How internet platforms are like living in Vegas
  • Whether users literally own their handles on internet platforms
  • The politicization of internet infrastructure
  • How resistant is Urbit itself to deplatforming at the infrastructure level
  • Whether there is any irony in Urbit offering hosting for users
  • Galen’s view on data portability legislation
  • The near term roadmap for Urbit
  • The distinction between Tlon and Urbit
  • How to get started with Urbit

Apply to Urbit hosting here.

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