Seth Priebatsch (Groma) on On-Chain Real-Estate (EP.466)

Seth Priebatsch, the founder and CEO of Groma joins the show. In this episode we discuss:

  • Seth’s entrepreneurial journey, including the founding story of LevelUp.
  • His ambitions with the founding of Groma, a company building a real-estate backed cryptocurrency.
  • The tokenization of real-world assets, including the steps that Groma is taking to launch a REIT security that will be represented on-chain.
  • The choice to focus on multi-family-residential property as the initial backing of the Groma REIT.
  • The regulatory landscape for digital asset securities in the United States.
  • The prospects of other categories of real-world-assets and their eventual representation on-chain.

To learn more about Groma, visit their website or follow Groma on X.

Links mentioned: Groma on Republic. For a preview of the Groma whitepaper email