Tieshun Roquerre (Namebase) on the Prospects for Decentralized DNS

Namebase founder and CEO Tieshun Roquerre joins us for a discussion of Handshake, decentralized DNS, and issues with the current system of domains. In this episode:

  • The core technical problem with DNS today
  • Why a blockchain for a decentralized DNS system makes sense
  • How Satoshi anticipated blockchain-based DNS with BitDNS
  • Could a global PoW blockchain system accommodate all of the world’s domains?
  • How Handshake learned from Namecoin, ENS, and other attempts from blockchain based DNS and alternative root zones
  • The distinction between ENS and Handshake
  • Handshake’s origin and launch – and how it ended up with such diffuse governance
  • Where the nexuses of control are in the Handshake ecosystem
  • How Handshake PoW security works
  • The merits of embracing ASICs
  • How the distribution of domains works
  • What you can actually do with handshake domains
  • The growing interoperability between handshake and decentralized storage like Sia