Jose Lemus (IBEX Mercado) on Lightning adoption in Emerging Markets (EP.435)

Jose Lemus, CEO and cofounder at IBEX Mercado, joins the show to talk Lightning and its growing usage in emerging markets. In this episode:

  • The origins of IBEX
  • How IBEX clients are using LN in emerging markets
  • How Lightning as a settlement layer for cross-border interbank payments
  • Lightning as a bridge currency
  • Why stablecoins make sense on Lightning
  • Why EM firms have an affinity for Lightning
  • IBEX’s partnership with Grupo Salinas and how they are introducing Lightning to Mexican households
  • Lightning as an emerging remittance tool
  • Why Mexico is a good fight for Lightning adoption
  • Is Jose satisfied with Lightning’s maturity as a protocol
  • How Bitcoin’s market cap is the ultimate bandwidth for Lightning
  • Why Lightning reimagines the established batched payments model
  • Jose’s answer to the biggest critique of Lightning at present

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