Building remittances on Bitcoin with Kyle Powers (LibertyPay)

Kyle Powers is the cofounder and CEO of LibertyPay, a Boston business that powers remittances to Brazil and Mexico – settling on Bitcoin, rather than traditional financial rails. LibertyPay has settled nine figures worth of value in its history – and most users never know their transactions are settling via Bitcoin. In this episode:

  • How LibertyX began with the cofounders standing beside a Bitcoin ATM in South Station in 2014
  • The origins of LibertyPay and how the cofounders realized that Bitcoin-based remittances were a viable product
  • How LibertyPay determined the most viable channels for their Bitcoin remittance product
  • Why Brazil is a goldilocks zone for Bitcoin-powered remittances
  • In which domains Bitcoin-based remittances outmatch the traditional system
  • Why LibertyPay uses Bitcoin as their bridge currency and not another asset
  • Why obtaining banking in 2014 was such a challenge
  • Whether there was a coordinated attempt to unbank crypto companies in 2014-15
  • Whether Kyle is optimistic about the future of digital cash
  • Whether XRP will ever grow into its promise as a touted bridge currency
  • Why Kyle views Bitcoin’s base layer as more of SWIFT analogue rather than a payments network
  • Why owning Bitcoin gives you exposure to all of its descendants, in the case of a dispute
  • Why Bitcoiners should be excited about stablecoins