Kyle Samani (Multicoin Capital) on breakout applications for Web3

Kyle Samani, cofounder and managing partner at Multicoin, joins the show to talk his current views on Bitcoin, Ethereum, and to give an update on web3 and how Multicoin is approaching the opportunity. In this episode:

  • Kyle’s current views on Ethereum, its positioning, and its prospects for filling out the roadmap
  • Whether liquidity network effects for smart contract chains are insurmountable
  • What it would take to reach global scale for public blockchains
  • Kyle’s changing view of Bitcoin over time
  • The effect of WBTC on Ethereum
  • The topic that Kyle has most dramatically changed his mind on recently
  • Kyle’s view of the validity of DCF valuations for DeFi tokens
  • Kyle’s theory on which classes of DeFi tokens should accrue long-term value
  • A retrospective on Multicoin’s EOS thesis and where they were tripped up
  • Which blog post of his Kyle thinks has aged the best
  • What Web3 means to Kyle
  • How fast Web3 has grown relative to Kyle’s expectations in 2017
  • The imminent Web3 projects that Kyle thinks could have mass market applicability
  • Multicoin’s Helium thesis and the importance of LoRaWAN
  • How Helium tokenomics are modeled after physical commodities
  • Kyle’s expectations for web3 applications within the next 5 years
  • Whether Ethereum requires web3 to succeed and vice versa

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