Quinn Thompson (Lekker Capital) on why the Macro matters for Crypto (EP.517)

Quinn Thompson, founder and CIO of Lekker Capital, joins the show. In this episode:

  • Launching Lekker Capital
  • Quinn’s investment strategy with Lekker
  • Using crypto instruments to take a view on macro trends
  • The significance of the move in the 10year
  • How unusual is it to cut rates when inflation is running hot
  • Is inflation the lesser of two evils?
  • Why an inflationary reset is the only way out of our fiscal position
  • Is Bitcoin more analogous to gold or NASDAQ?
  • What are memecoins telling us about the crypto cycle?
  • Institutional participation in Bitcoin dampening volatility?
  • Quinn’s views on the halving
  • Will Microstrategy shares ever converge to the value of their BTC?
  • Why it is often mechanically difficult to bring meme stocks back to earth
  • Quinn’s views on GBTC selling and the US govt’s seized Silk Road coins

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