Jared Nusinoff (Mash) on Remonetizing the Internet with Lightning (EP.285)

Mash founder Jared Nusinoff joins the show to explain how internet monetization is broken and how lightning-based payments fixes it. In this episode:

  • Jared’s professional history and how he came to work on Bitcoin
  • Going from an adventure guide to bitcoin
  • Jared’s early entrepreneurial work
  • Jared’s early history sharing music prior to torrents
  • Quitting Google to found an adventure guide company
  • How Jared thinks of Bitcoin’s MoE/SoV debate
  • Why internet monetization models are flawed today – and the missing middle
  • How the technology of payments online directly affects the quality of internet experiences
  • How Lightning uniquely solves the monetization of quality content online
  • Jared’s view of Lightning’s maturity and momentum as a payments infrastructure
  • How Lightning provides completely novel business models on the internet
  • How Mash could change the game for internet ‘miniapps’

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