Blake Masters on Inflation, CBDCs, and Setting a Pro-Crypto Agenda (EP.292)

We sit down with Blake Masters, COO at Thiel Capital, coauthor of Zero to One, and 2022 candidate for U.S. Senate in Arizona.

  • Why Blake is running for Senate in Arizona
  • Blake’s experience running Thiel Capital and what led him to politics today
  • Does Congress need more business expertise?
  • Where Blake falls on the spectrum of being pro vs anti crypto
  • Where Blake gets his info regarding the crypto industry
  • USA vs Chinese policy on Bitcoin
  • Should the US pursue a strategic Bitcoin reserve?
  • Does cryptocurrency impair the US’ sanctions-making ability?
  • Will the government maintain its sanctions-making ability in perpetuity?
  • How crypto and Bitcoin could shore up the U.S. dollar
  • Can the Fed solve climate or racial equity issues?
  • Are the MMTers in power?
  • Is the U.S. facing a genuine risk of default?
  • Leftist explanations for inflation and why they are unsatisfying
  • Where the Covid-related stimulus payments warranted?
  • Dealing with Big Tech deplatforming and whether Section 230 is sufficient
  • Can decentralized internet applications compete with Big Tech platforms?
  • Are legislative solutions sufficient to Big Tech oligarchies?
  • Blake’s view on stablecoins and how they should be regulated
  • Should the government be following China’s lead on CBDCs?

Learn about Blake’s platform.