Kevin Anetsberger (Midwest Tungsten) on the Midwest Tungsten Story

Nic and Sean sit down with Kevin Anetsberger, General Manager at Midwest Tungsten, to cover their journey as a business and their entry into the crypto industry. In this episode:

  • The history of Midwest Tungsten
  • How Midwest got its start making metal steam
  • Industrial applications of tungsten
  • Tungsten’s physical properties and how that makes it suitable for industrial applications
  • Military applications of tungsten
  • Where Midwest Tungsten sits in the supply chain
  • How Tungsten is actually refined and formed, given that it’s impossible to smelt
  • The upper limits to tungsten formed objects, and where the constraints derive from
  • Why a 14 inch cube is actually the largest size Midwest can actually make
  • How Kevin came to work in the tungsten industry
  • Where is tungsten mined?
  • Have the supply chain disruptions affected Midwest Tungsten
  • How Midwest Tungsten resisted offshoring
  • Why Midwest Tungsten began selling collectibles
  • Who has bought the cubes historically
  • Was this the largest spike in demand for the tungsten cubes ever?
  • How the company came to accept Bitcoin and make the NFT
  • Is Midwest Tungsten holding the Bitcoin they have earned in cube sales?
  • Is tungsten safe to handle?
  • Where Kevin falls on the cube vs sphere debate
  • What is the optimal cube size?
  • Why Midwest chose to sell the cube NFT
  • Other metals that Kevin likes
  • What about Osmium?

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