Premier David Burt on Bermuda’s Emerging Role in the Digital Asset Ecosystem (EP.461)

Nic travels to Bermuda to sit down with the Premier, Hon. E. David Burt to discuss digital asset policy and the emerging crypto ecosystem on the island. In this episode:

  • The origins of the Digital Asset Regulation in Bermuda
  • Catalysts that have led crypto firms to take Bermuda seriously as a domicile
  • Premier Burt’s evangelization of Bermuda regulation on the crypto circuit
  • Why Bermuda is a good place for a crypto firm to do business
  • The “bermuda triangle” (government, industry, and regulator)
  • How Bermuda straddles the risk of digital assets with the potential for innovation
  • How the Premier aims to incorporate local residents into the tech industry here
  • What the Premier is happy about regarding Bermuda’s regulatory strategy for digital assets
  • Which sectors within the crypto space the Premier is focusing on at the moment How Bermuda is situated relative to other financial regulators
  • Premier Burt’s view on regulatory passporting

Thanks to Penrose Partners.