Rene Van Kesteren on how BlockFi manages risk

BlockFi Chief Risk Officer Rene Van Kesteren joins the show to explain how crypto lender and brokerage BlockFi engages in risk management. In this episode:

  • Rene’s career trajectory and the path that led him to joining BlockFi
  • The mechanics of how BlockFi offers interest bearing accounts
  • The borrowing and lending market structure
  • How BlockFi thinks about counterparty risk
  • The reason why rates on U.S. Dollars are higher for stablecoins vs. dollars in a bank account
  • How margin calls work
  • Differences and similarities in market structure in ‘traditional’ vs. cryptoasset markets
  • The biggest misconceptions about BlockFi and crypto lending in general

To learn more about risk management at Blockfi see this blog post.

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