Chris Rothfuss on Wyoming’s Blockchain Strategy & the WY Stable Token (EP.432)

Wyoming state senator and Minority Floor Leader in the Wyoming Senate, Chris Rothfuss joins the show. We cover Wyoming’s crypto efforts to date to create a stable and secure digital asset ecosystem. In this episode:

  • Senator’s Rothfuss’ pre-politics career and how he came to grapple with the crypto space
  • Why Wyoming has an opportunity in digital asset policy
  • The origins of Wyoming’s blockchain select committee
  • How the NY Bitlicense inspired Wyoming’s efforts
  • Why crypto policy isn’t politically polarized in Wyoming
  • Wyoming’s foundational move to recognize digital assets under the uniform commercial code
  • The origin of the SPDI charter
  • Is there a future for the SPDI given that the Fed is denying master accounts?
  • How Wyoming’s SPDI emerged as a consequence of Chokepoint 1.0
  • Is the Fed blocking state charters unconstitutional?
  • Wyoming’s Stable Token Act and the prospects for that product
  • How the WY Stable Token could be a huge windfall for Wyoming – and where the revenues would be directed
  • How Wyoming is thinking about the permissionless qualities of the stable token

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