Weekly Roundup 01/07/22 (Kazakhstan mining stutters, Chainalysis 2022 illicit volume report, Washington is interested in PoW) (EP.274)

Matt and Nic return for more news and deals of the week. In this episode:

  • Everything is selling off
  • Is the US losing its status as global reserve?
  • We announce our policy miniseries
  • Sen. Lummis will reportedly propose a crypto bill
  • Opensea raising $300m at a $13b valuation
  • Illicit activity in 2021 was only 0.15% of total crypto volume
  • The Boston Fed CBDC pilot program rumbles on
  • Kazakhstan turns off the internet, and dims Bitcoin hashrate by 12%
  • NY State reproposes their bill to ban mining in the state
  • The National Credit Union Administration looks to ratify usage of crypto for its members
  • The House Energy and Commerce committee will hold a hearing on PoW
  • A group of environmentalist organizations sends a letter regarding PoW to congress

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