Weekly Roundup 02/11/22 (Bitfinex hacked coins recovered, NY Fed attacks Stablecoins, Gofundme bans truckers) (EP.284)


Matt and Nic return for another week of deals and news. In this episode:

  • Kraken brings back PoR
  • Bitfinex hack money launderers are arrested
  • The long history of Bitfinex, hacks, Recovery rights, Tether, and LEO
  • Who is entitled to the recovered BTC from the Bitfinex hack?
  • The NY Fed attacks stablecoins, and private banknote issuance
  • Ottawa truckers are banned from Gofundme
  • Are US Treasuries backing stablecoins stranded liquidity?
  • Why central bankers attack stablecoins to promote CBDCs

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