Weekly Roundup 02/12/21 (BNY Mellon supports Bitcoin, the Bitcoin energy debate, Elon Day)

Nic and Matt return for another jam packed week. In this episode:

  • How Nic ended up at war with the Dogecoin fans
  • CIV closes a $50m fund
  • Tom Brady wins the Super Bowl
  • Should responsible CFOs own Bitcoin on their corporate balance sheets?
  • Bitcoin on the balance sheet as a signaling mechanism
  • BNY Mellon announces support for Bitcoin
  • The St Louis Fed is writing articles about DeFi
  • Nic orangepills Central Bankers
  • Our guesses for the first central banks to adopt Bitcoin
  • Nigeria contemplates a Bitcoin ban
  • Mastercard is supporting cryptocurrency on their networks – what does this mean?
  • The Bitcoin energy debate
  • Can you compare Bitcoin to Visa?
  • Are Christmas lights wasteful?

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