Weekly Roundup 02/16/24 (Treasury rebukes WSJ, BitVM, Ethereum ETF prospects) (EP.504)

Matt and Nic are back with news and deals of the week. In this episode:

  • On The Brink is now on Farcaster
  • The pitfalls of Web3 social
  • The boys have problem with seed phrases
  • Optimistic rollups on Bitcoin are now possible?
  • ETF flow updates
  • GBTC and Mt Gox flows
  • Why the halving may not be bullish
  • SEC vs Debt Box
  • Why we think an Ethereum ETF is unlikely
  • SAB121 update
  • The Treasury rebukes the WSJ’s story on Hamas’ use of crypto
  • Can John Deaton unseat Elizabeth Warren?

Sponsor notes:

  • Navigating the Avalanche: An Introduction to the Avalanche Network
  • In Coin Metrics State of the Network Issue 246, we navigate Avalanche’s role in the digital asset ecosystem