Weekly Roundup 02/19/21 (MSTR’s speculative attack, Coinbase trading at $77b, The Tulip Bubble Myth?)

Nic and Matt break down the headlines in yet another week of ATHs. In this episode:

  • Our cured meat scandal
  • We dissect crypto mafias
  • Necessary conditions for a corporate mafia to form
  • Microstrategy’s speculative attack on the dollar
  • How the corporate adoption story took us by surprise
  • Is there a goodwill dividend for buying bitcoin?
  • Is buying bitcoin a bitcoin strategy?
  • Nic’s 50k road trip to Tahanis in Ontario
  • Coin Metrics’ partnership with Bitgo and KPMG
  • Verge has a year-long reorg
  • Is Coinbase fairly priced at $77b pre-IPO?
  • Should Coinbase be worth more than Goldman?
  • OFAC reminds us that it exists
  • The implications of OFAC compliant mining
  • How the tulip bubble is a Calvinist conspiracy

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