Weekly Roundup 02/24/23 (SEC vs Terra, Stables as Securities, the CoinBASE L2) (Ep.400)

Matt and Nic are back for the 400th episode of OTB! In this roundup:

  • Nic’s Vespa story
  • More on Ordinals
  • Is embedding non-economic data in Bitcoin Satoshi’s vision?
  • How Ordinals accelerates efficiency improvements in Bitcoin
  • More FTX crime family news
  • SBF is hit with four new criminal charges
  • Augustin Cartens claims that crypto has lost the battle against fiat
  • NYAG vs Coinex
  • The SEC alleges that UST is a security – does this implicate other stables?
  • What can Congress do about Choke Point 2.0 or SEC overreach
  • Rep. Emmer introduces an anti-CBDC bill
  • Matt’s baseball card collection
  • Silvergate is the most shorted stock right now
  • The SEC blocks Binance.US’ purchase of Voyager assets