Weekly Roundup 02/26/21 (Bitcoin vs Fedwire, ETF prospects, Is the Tether Saga Over?)

Nic and Matt return for more news and deals of the week. In this episode:

  • Is Bitcoin more reliable than Fedwire?
  • Are stablecoins already superior to legacy infrastructure?
  • Tether-Tron transactions exceed Tether-Ethereum
  • The social utility of trading wholesale energy
  • One chapter in the Tether saga closes
  • Is the Tether story over?
  • The ultimate takeaway from the Tether saga
  • Square buys more Bitcoin
  • Nic evangelizes bitcoin to his hairdresser
  • A bitcoiner joins the Federal Reserve
  • How big will a Bitcoin ETF be on approval?
  • Why exchanges are prudent to delist BCH and BSV