Weekly Roundup 02/04/22 (Wormhole hack, PoR is back, Boston Fed pilots a CBDC, TX miners shut down) (EP.282)

  • Tom Brady retires to focus on NFTs
  • Was Satoshi interested in altcoins?
  • Our thoughts on startups raising 69.420m
  • The Solana-Ethereum bridge is hacked for over $300m– and then bailed out by Jump Capital
  • Was Vitalik’s warning about cross-chain interoperability prophetic?
  • Is the cross-chain vision dead?
  • Kraken revives their Proof of Reserve – after 7 years
  • Why do exchanges avoid Proof of Reserves?
  • Bitcoin developers at the MIT DCI are building the Boston Fed’s CBDC pilot program
  • How whaling was the predecessor to venture capital
  • Gamestop launches an NFT marketplace

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