Weekly Roundup 03/03/23 (Silvergate in trouble, Oasis hacks back, Regulation by Blog Post) (EP.402)

Matt and Nic are back for news and deals of the week. In this episode:

  • Is Yuga Labs’ NFT collection on Bitcoin genuine?
  • Will the environmentalist attacks on PoW move to other industries?
  • FTX’ Nishad Singh pleads guilty
  • Ramnik Aurora maxed out donations to George Santos
  • Silvergate is in trouble
  • Why concentration risk makes it difficult for smaller banks to bank crypto firms
  • UK banks are curtailing their crypto exposures
  • Oasis returns $140m stolen from Wormhole to Jump
  • NY Mag’s piece on Arthur Hayes
  • Gensler continues to make vague threats against the crypto space
  • Gensler’s regulation by blog post
  • Greyscale’s case against the SEC is moving to oral arguments
  • Can Bitcoin just change the code and move to PoS?