Weekly Roundup 03/04/22 (Sanctions chaos, Ukraine’s crypto fundraiser, remonetizing gold, web3 geofencing) (EP.293)

Nic and Matt return for another wild week. In this episode:

  • OTB theme music controversy
  • Is Bitcoin a risk off asset
  • Ukraine raises crypto to fund the war effort
  • Why Ukrainians were better positioned to deal with a banking sector failure
  • The U.S. cuts Russia out of SWIFT (mostly)
  • Can the U.S. pull the SWIFT deplatforming again?
  • Will gold be remonetized?
  • Metamask, Infura, and Opensea are banned in Iran and Venezuela
  • Why the cost of running a full node matters
  • Can NFTs be securities?
  • Is Russia evading sanctions with crypto?
  • Powell’s comment on multiple reserve currencies

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