Weekly Roundup 03/05/21 (GBTC discounted, Private Blockchains are Back, the Last Cycle?)

Matt and Nic are back. In this episode:

  • More cured meats drama
  • The Singapore sovereign wealth fund invests in Anchorage
  • Will they or wont they – Goldman edition
  • Bitcoin completes Paypal’s original vision
  • Schwab looks to add support for crypto
  • Kings of Leon NFT
  • Are NFTs the first truly mainstream application of blockchains?
  • Are today’s centralized public blockchains just a return of private blockchains?
  • Citi releases the case for bitcoin
  • GBTC trades at a steep discount to NAV and what it means
  • Is the GBTC arbitrage trade over?
  • Should startups hold Bitcoin on their balance sheets?
  • How does 2021 feel compared to 2018?
  • Are we likely to see another 70%+ drawdown?

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