Weekly Roundup 03/11/22 (Biden’s executive order, Korea’s pro-crypto President, Is Bretton Woods over?) (EP.296)

Nic and Matt return for more deals and news of the week. In this episode:

  • The fallout from the seizure of the Russian fx reserves
  • Did America default on its obligations?
  • How are Chinese interests served by the US weaponizing the dollar?
  • Can Bitcoin become an inter-state settlement asset and sovereign-scale SoV?
  • Zoltan Pozsar declares an end to Bretton Woods
  • We digest Biden’s executive order
  • The White House calls for 14 studies on crypto and CBDCs
  • A pro-crypto candidate wins the Korean presidential election
  • BNY Mellon gets into MPC crypto custody
  • Stripe now supports crypto payments
  • The Verge profiles Justin Sun
  • Does insider trading apply to commodities?
  • Coinbase blocks 25k Russian users from the platform

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