Weekly Roundup 03/11/21 (GBTC redemption scenarios, Norwegian energy in Bitcoin, the NFT missing link)

Nic and Matt return for another intense week of deals. In this episode:

  • New Bitcoin FUD dice?
  • Is there any new Bitcoin FUD?
  • Beeple sells an NFT for $69m
  • Are NFTs art or the autograph?
  • The missing link for NFTs – where do you show off your NFTs and demonstrate status?
  • One issue with NFTs and IP
  • Is NY Life getting into crypto?
  • Norwegian oil billionaire embraces Bitcoin
  • DCG buys back GBTC to bring it back to NAV
  • Scenarios for how GBTC redemption occurs
  • Why GBTC trading at a discount is better for retail investors
  • Moneygram and Ripple are no longer partners
  • Grayscale hires an entire ETF team
  • Should the US start a strategic Bitcoin reserve?
  • Why Bitcoin makes sense for central banks
  • Why CBDCs will never provide real cash-like assurances

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