Weekly Roundup 03/15/24 (CSW is not Satoshi, Nigeria v Binance, Traeger and Bitcoin) (EP.510)

Matt and Nic are back for another week of ATHs. In this episode:

  • ETH’s Dencun upgrade goes live
  • Is ETH stuck between two different stakeholder groups?
  • Is Traeger going to hold Bitcoin?
  • Saylor is still buying Bitcoin
  • Nigeria holds two Binance executives for a $10b ransom
  • A UK judge in the COPA case has determined that Craig Wright is not Satoshi
  • Why the COPA v CSW case matters
  • Blackrock will buy Bitcoin ETFs in their global allocation fund
  • Greyscale filed for a low-fee spinoff of GBTC, ticker BTC
  • John Griffin of Griffin and Shams is back with another terrible paper
  • A new paper alleges that crypto finances slavery

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