Weekly Roundup 03/17/23 feat. Alex Thorn (Bank crisis, Fed makes $2T available, Signature mysteries) (EP.406)

Matt and Nic are back to cover a dramatic week in crypto. Galaxy Digital’s Alex Thorn also joins to provide market color. In this episode:

  • Bitcoin’s price action in response to the bank runs
  • USDC recovers its peg
  • FTX crime family news
  • Signature bank is shut down somewhat arbitrarily
  • What happened with Silvergate?
  • Is Operation Choke Point 2.0 real?
  • Blockchain Association FOIA’s federal banking regulators
  • Are macro funds dipping their toes back into Bitcoin?
  • Crypto Banks are gutted
  • Was Signature solvent when it was shut down?
  • Will Signet be sold off in the Signature auction?
  • What was the importance of SEN and Signet?
  • First Republic secures $30b in deposits
  • What happened with Silvergate and the FHLB?
  • Galaxy Digital’s head of research Alex Thorn joins the show
  • Arbitrum announces their airdrop