Weekly Roundup 02/17/23 (BUSD Wells notice, Howey vs Reves, the SEC’s custody guidance) (EP.397)

Matt and Nic return for another week of news and deals. In this episode:

  • Is peak FUD in?
  • Is this the ‘custody rule rally’?
  • OTB is keeping the deals of the week
  • House is probing the connections between FTX and the SEC
  • SBF is banned from using a VPN
  • Is SBF a secret sports fan?
  • SBF’s bail cosigners are unmasked
  • SBF VC investors are hit with a class action lawsuit
  • SEC sends Paxos a Wells notice
  • Circle dispells Wells notice rumors
  • Is the SEC going after all stablecoins or just BUSD?
  • What does Reves say about stablecoins being securities?
  • Tether is the beneficiary of the crackdowns in the US
  • Can US regulators really go after Tether?
  • How Paypal deposits are like stablecoins
  • What’s in the SEC’s custody rules?
  • Changes to market structure if the SEC’s custody rules go through
  • Binance suggests that they are ready to settle up with US regulators