Weekly Roundup 03/18/22 (EU PoW ban defeated, Lummis bill details, Ukraine legalizes crypto) (EP.298)

Matt and Nic return for more news and deals of the week. In this episode:

  • Too much Tom Brady content?
  • Can Roman Abramovich sell Chelsea?
  • Former skeptics coming around on Bitcoin
  • Arbitraging tungsten cube NFTs?
  • Why isn’t physical tungsten rallying?
  • Facebook’s Diem is back from the dead
  • Takeaways from Laura Shin’s book The Cryptopians
  • Tom Emmer’s letter to the SEC
  • Details of Sen. Lummis’ bill start to come out
  • The EU almost bans PoW cryptocurrencies
  • Instagram announces plans to add NFTs
  • Ukraine legalizes cryptoassets
  • The story behind Nic’s Tucker appearance
  • Bitcoiners growing beards

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