Weekly Roundup 03/19/21 (NYDIG’s rumor, NFT taxonomies, BoFa’s bad Bitcoin report)

Nic and Matt return for another week of deals and news. In this episode:

  • We announce onthebrink.shop
  • What was Robby Gutmann from NYDIG rumoring on our recent episode?
  • Morgan Stanley opens up their platform to Bitcoin funds
  • A new taxonomy for NFTs
  • Bridging the gap between NFT fans and skeptics
  • Why NFTs are not bearer assets and are liabilities of an issuer
  • We break down a popular thread debunking NFTs
  • Bitmex Research publishes a book on the blocksize war
  • BoFa publishes a very bad report on Bitcoin
  • India dithers on their cryptocurrency ban
  • The parallels between the crypto wars of the 90s and state bans today
  • Is there a double standard for Bitcoin versus other ETFs at the SEC?
  • Is Gensler a grey swan for crypto markets?
  • The SEC is officially on the clock for a new ETF application
  • Why FTX should not buy the naming rights to the Miami Heat stadium

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