Weekly Roundup (04/01/22) (Greenpeace and Chris Larsen attack Bitcoin, Axie sidechain hacked, the ECASH Act, SEC goes after AMMs) (EP.304)

Nic and Matt return for another week of news and deals. In this episode:

  • Mora et al rears its head again
  • The Brink Nation community on GM heats up
  • Chris Larsen and Greenpeace team up to try and eliminate PoW from Bitcoin
  • Who is the protagonist in the Ripple vs SEC lawsuit?
  • Rep. Stephen Lynch introduces the ECASH Act
  • Axie Infinity suffers a $625m hack
  • Is there any debate remaining about the utility of Bitcoin?
  • Circle selects BNY Mellon to custody their own assets
  • Grayscale mulls a lawsuit against the SEC over their continued ETF disapproval
  • Can the government create a truly private CBDC?
  • Rep. Tom Emmer and Sen. Ted Cruz look to ban CBDC creation
  • Is the SEC obliquely regulating AMM LPs out of existence?
  • When will Bitcoin be sovereign scale?
  • Seed stage bets on aspiring members of congress

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