Weekly Roundup 04/02/21 (Our Dice Crisis, Paypal opens Bitcoin to Merchants, USA Retail CBDC?)

Nic and Matt return for news and deals of the week. In this episode:

  • A crisis with our dice manufacturers
  • Visa will enable USDC settlements on their payment network
  • Paypal turns on Bitcoin payments for 29m merchants
  • Are Paypal transactions actual Bitcoin expenditures?
  • Sillvergate working with Fidelity to provide Bitcoin-backed loans
  • SEC charges LBRY with securities law violations
  • Are founders taking the wrong lessons from SEC inaction?
  • Jay Clayton is now advising OneRiver on their digital asset strategy
  • Tether publishes a new attestation
  • The merit of real time attestations for stablecoins
  • The CME launches a Bitcoin microfutures
  • The Boston Fed will be open sourcing some of their CBDC code
  • Will we ever get a retail CBDC in the USA?
  • NFTs make it to SNL
  • A new pasta shape just dropped
  • Nic syncs his Umbel node

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